Testing the NGHobbies Lawmate Regulator Board

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I was able to connect up the Lawmate video transmitter after installing New Generation Hobbies’ power supply/regulator board tonight. At first I was disappointed to see the same vertical/diagonal lines across the image that I’d seen with other switching regulators in the past. I had the lens cap on my camera at this time so I just had a black screen with the faint lines. I removed the cap, and was greeted with a nice clean picture! :) Here’s the images from this camera:

Now, just for the sake comparison and being thorough, I wanted to try another camera to see if it also had the same lines that appear to be switching noise on the power supply line. To my surprise, this second camera had NO noise, lens cap on or off:

These are both 12V cameras being powered directly off of the NGHobbies board, using the same wiring harness. The board is being powered by a 3S Lipo connected directly to it with no other loads present. I’d say this power supply/regulator from NGHobbies is a winner! It’s simple to install, does it’s job of powering the transmitter cleanly and efficiently, and makes it MUCH easier to integrate the Lawmate transmitter into a typical FPV system.

Once I’m able to get a real flight in, I’ll update this post with a video! It will be interesting to see how this board will cope with noise present on the supply if I power everything off the main flight battery… We shall see! :)

UPDATE! I patched up the Easy Star and put an old camera and the Lawmate vTX onboard. It’s now flying with a 72MHz Futaba PCM receiver too, since I’d wrote off the EZ* and stole some of it’s parts for the new build… ;) Anyway, here’s the test flight with the new power board. It works great! This is powered off of the single main flight pack, no extra battery or LC filter (or any kind of filter for that matter) between the flight battery and the FPV gear. The new board seems to handle it just fine. :) Clean video and audio, good signal, it works! :) So with that, I’d give it a 4.8 out of 5! My only suggestions for improvement would be the addition of a volume control (nitpicking there! lol), and maybe include some pigtails to match up with the connectors. It does use a standard Molex type layout, but not everyone has those just laying around. ;)

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  1. Peter

    Hi, i have question
    I bought this regulator it is powered by 3s batt but when i plug in after few seconds he is rly hot is it normal or someting is wrong ?
    Thank you

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