Skyhunter FPV

How about a long overdue update? ;) While I haven’t done a ton of flying over the past couple of months due to poor weather and lack of time, I did complete a new FPV plane, the Skyhunter! I think that after a few good flights with it now, I can honestly say it’s my new favorite… :) I fit this one with a Range Video OSD which I also like a lot, so much in fact that I bought a second and put it in my Skywalker. I’m sharing the camera pod from my Skywalker with this new plane also, which works well. Here’s a picture of the finished plane and a couple of good videos from it:


Skyhuntin' ;)

Watch this video on YouTube.
Skyhunter w/ground audio

Watch this video on YouTube.

Also, here’s a video of the ground recording from the clouds flight, shows the RVOSD at work:

Ground footage from the Skyhunter

Watch this video on YouTube.

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  1. Zac

    Hey! I saw your Skyhunter video while I was searching around to decide if I wanted a sh and would absolutely love to know your setup. Like, exact setup. motor, battery, flight camera, recording camera, vtx/rx plus antennas, pan tilt on the recording camera etc etc. It would be extremely appreciated!!!

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