Skywalker 1900 FPV, Bayous, Lakes, and Rivers

A nice flight with the 1900, first following the bayou east/north east until my video cut out (flying with a tin shed in my way… lol), checked out a lake, then headed southeast to the river, checked out a boat pushing barges up stream, then spotted a “lone tree” in the field I found on Google Earth, which is one of this items in this month’s scavenger hunt on RCGroups. Overall a real nice flight! Exactly the kind of stuff the 1900 does best. :)

Skywalker 1900 FPV, Bayous, Lakes, and Rivers

Watch this video on YouTube.


  1. Al

    Great video bud! Really enjoyed watching that, Skywalker certainly flies very nicely indeed.

    I’m sorely tempted to order the same setup as your’s, I just had a few questions before I part with the cash :-)

    What sort of flight times are you getting with the BEVRC motor/prop combo? And are you still using the hard case 5000 4s pack?

    Cheers man, and keep these videos coming!

    1. Keith

      I usually don’t fly the battery all the way down, but if I remember right I think about 40-50 minutes. I’ve had it in the air over an hour using thermals though. ;) It’s a very efficient setup. I’m using a 9×6 APC-E prop, BEVRC motor and ESC. Still using the same hardcase 4S lipo in here any the Skyhunter.

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