Who/what is RCFlightTest.com you ask? Well, my name is Keith, and I’ve been active in the R/C hobby since 1996. I started flying nitro planes when I was 15, and have never lost the love for it! These days I’ve got more electric planes than anything else, but it’s all flying to me. ;) I’ve built and flown anything from indoor feather weight models, to gassers with chainsaw engines! I’m just now getting into helicopters as well, which is one of the most challenging things I’ve done so far. I like it though. I’ve also had a few boats over the years, never enjoyed the fast ones much, but love scale boats. I’ve had my share of monster trucks, a few buggies, and a bunch of scale 4×4 trucks as well. I’m an admin at Scale 4×4 R/C too, my username there is “keith” if you want to check out some of the creations I’ve built. You can also check out my YouTube channel, and my videos on Vimeo as well. There’s everything from boats to cars to planes to helis, and even some ATVs and Dirtbikes… ;)

So that’s WHO I am, but what is this site intended to be? Well, since I discovered R/C forums online about 9 years ago, I’ve loved being on them and discussing the hobby with everyone else. There’s an amazing amount of information you can gain reading about other modelers projects and experiences. You pick up ideas, and learn from their mistakes, and help others learn from yours. It’s a great value to everyone involved! I’ve always wanted a place to call my own where I can document some of my experiments, builds, failed attempts, etc. This is it! My goal for this site is to post articles from time to time, whether it be a new product I’m trying out for the first time, a new idea that either works or fails hard, whatever I’ve got going on at that time. I’ve always got something brewing on my workbench, so keep and eye out for new projects!

My workshop:

My backyard flying field: