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New motors on the Cargo Twin

I stole the motors off the cargo plane for another project, so I put on some others I had sitting around, and took it out for a quick flight to try them out. They work great! Smooth and lots of power, unlimited vertical! These are a pair of Firepower 3530-14 motors with 8×3.8 APC Slowfly …

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Dropping Loads! ;)

How about a break from the FPV stuff? I finally took the cargo plane out for a proper flight dropping the parachute and recorded some decent video. Here’s the end result:

DTC-1, Parachute test a success!

I finally got the parachute release mechanism in the cargo plane and made a quick test flight to try it. Works well! I’ll get some better footage and put a better video together at some point.

Dollar Tree Cargo, back at it…

I decided to dust off the cargo plane and make a few tweaks… I raised the leading edge of the wing a bit for positive incidence (added pitch stability), and flattened the main gear a bit so it sits better on the ground, and isn’t so hard to lift the nose on the takeoff runs. …

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Cargo plane flies!

The “DTC-1″ maiden flight was a success. I’ve got a few small adjustments I want to make in the mixing and on the plane, but for now it flies. It’s a fun plane!

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