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FPV with the Easy Star

The trusty ol’ Easy Star has been hanging up collecting dust for too long, so I got it down and flew it again. It’s a great plane to fly, and it was a great day to be flying as well!

Another fun flight!

Nothing new or groundbreaking here, just a fun filled flight with the Easy Star. I should note that the van was in on the antics and knew what was up. Don’t go buzzing unsuspecting strangers on the road, it could get dangerous. This is the ground recording of that same flight by the way. It …

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Took the Easy Star up today

Nothing special or record setting, just another Easy Star flight. A bit windy but not real bad, I flew out a ways, looked around, found the RSSI level that my 72MHz setup failsafes. (by pointing the antenna tip at the plane while I was a ways out. It dropped to 13% then locked out, control …

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Two flights, Nov. 30 2011

Wind was calm, a bit chilly, clear skies, so I broke out the tricopter and the Easy Star for some flying! First the tricopter… I just got a new camera to try out, a RMRC-540 OSD from Ready Made R/C. I mounted it on the tricopter and borrowed the video transmitter from the Maxi Swift …

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Two flights on Thanksgiving

Here’s two videos from Thanksgiving day, I flew once in the afternoon, it was a bit windy. I got to chase some Buzzards though, it was fun! I flew again later, I took off just before dark and landed a half hour later. This time the air was real smooth, made for some relaxing fling …

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