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Slow Stick with Ailerons


Who said a Slow Stick can’t fly inverted… My friend Pat suggested I try adding them on one of my Slow Sticks to help flying in the wind, and also for a more fun plane to fly. He was right, they really woke the old Slow Stick up! haha Thanks Pat for the suggestion! My …

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LayerLens, light weight protection for your GoPro!


Anyone who’s ever scratched the actual camera lens on their GoPro and not the protective lens in the housing will tell you how unpleasant it is to replace! Not to mention costly, when you can find the lens. That said, I still fly my camera out of it’s case on some planes to save weight …

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Calibrating the Skylark Tiny OSD 2 (current sensor)


I just had a nice conversation with Skylark on Skype. He walked me through the calibration procedure and we got it reading almost exactly the same as my multimeter. It looks like this should work. Here’s what we did: You will need to have a multimeter inline between the battery and current sensor configured to …

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I need to buffer the RSSI from my Futaba R149DP receiver for use with a Skylark OSD. While there are guides floating around the various forums showing how to make your own, I chose to go with the easier way out, and bought one from DPCAV. It comes prewired for use with the Eagle Tree …

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Adding RSSI to Futaba’s R149DP PCM Receiver


I’m going to install this receiver into my Easy Star which is currently being “remodeled” so to speak. Among the changes/additions is a Skylark OSD, so I wanted to have RSSI info, especially since I will be flying with 72MHz again. Here’s a quick and easy way to get RSSI from the Futaba R149DP PCM …

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