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Deal Extreme’s lenses on the #16 Camera

Here’s a quick video to show how the W-67 and FE-12 lenses from Deal Extreme look on the #16 camera. I like them both, and like the idea of being able to pic the view I need according to what I’m trying to capture on video.

First FPV with the Peace Drone

I was able to get the FPV gear installed in my Peace Drone and get a test flight in. With the CG now sorted out and a higher pitch prop on the motor, it flies great! I’m really happy with this one, and will continue to adjust/tweak it. I’ve already got a new motor installed …

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Another fun flight!

Nothing new or groundbreaking here, just a fun filled flight with the Easy Star. I should note that the van was in on the antics and knew what was up. Don’t go buzzing unsuspecting strangers on the road, it could get dangerous. This is the ground recording of that same flight by the way. It …

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New HD Keychain Camera, #16


That’s right, the #11 Keychain cameras that we all know and love have been improved upon, and quite a bit it seems! Tom Frank has been working with the developers of the #11 and they’ve announced the new #16, which is for sale already. Be sure and check out the RCGroups thread, Chuck’s page, and …

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808 #11 Keychain camera at night?

Last night I flew some night FPV with the Maxi Swift. I decided to put the #11 on it just to see what it looked like. In all honesty, I expected the footage to be garbage in the low light. To my surprise though, it wasn’t half bad! lol Ground recording of the same flight …

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