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This is the 3rd flight with Sony’s new “Action Camera”. This one is the HDR-AS10, there’s also the HDR-AS15 with WiFi, thought I didn’t really need it so I opted to save the extra cash and get the “10″. Anyway, I’m really liking the camera so far! It’s working well, video is nice, it handled …

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New personal distance record, 5.5 miles!

I bumped up my personal best for distance from 5.1 to 5.5 miles a couple of days ago. Here’s the videos, shortened up ground recording and a little bit of footage from the GoPro. Fun stuff!

4.75 miles with the Maxi Swift

Here’s a 4.75 mile flight with the Maxi Swift. I could have gone farther but didn’t realize how little battery I would need to get back home with the wind. Oh well, another day!

Keep your cool people!

Now that the summer is here and the temps are up, it’s more important than ever to respect the cooling needs of your gear. Here’s what happens when you don’t… My video transmitter wasn’t getting enough airflow and went into to thermal shutdown. I was lucky though, I was already close to home on the …

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Playing in the woods with the Maxi Swift

Much fun!

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