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31 Minutes with the ‘Drone


In the last post I mentioned some changes to the Drone that I had yet to test. I’m happy to say that the test flight went great! I ended up flying it for 31 minutes with a bit of battery left. I moved the UHF antenna from the wing onto the fuselage to fix the …

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Moving forward with the ‘Drone

Recently I decided it was time to move forward with the Peace Drone, or as I call it, Death Drone. I pulled the 72MHz Corona receiver out, and replaced it with a UHF Dragon Link receiver. As expected, this allows for longer range flying with a solid radio link. I mounted the UHF antenna out …

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First FPV with the Peace Drone

I was able to get the FPV gear installed in my Peace Drone and get a test flight in. With the CG now sorted out and a higher pitch prop on the motor, it flies great! I’m really happy with this one, and will continue to adjust/tweak it. I’ve already got a new motor installed …

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Scratch built Peace Drone


There’s a guy on YouTube (Ed) with some videos showing his scratch building techniques using foam board from the Dollar Tree and packing tape. He also shows some details on a place he calls the Peace Drone that he uses for FPV. I liked what I saw, so I thought I’d give it a shot …

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