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HoryzonHD V2 Review

This is the first part of a review I’m doing on the HoryzonHD V2 camera. Watch for part 2 later once I install it onto a plane to fly it, probably the 2.4GHz Slow Stick unless something changes! Hobby Wireless – Horyzon HD V2 Manual – UHF Shield Kit –

Sony vs. GoPro?

Now that I’ve got all 3 of the better “action cameras”, I put together a couple quick comparisons between them. Keep in mine that the HeroHD is $130, the Sony is $200, and the Hero2 is $250, as of right now. All three are very good cameras, the HeroHD comes up a little short when …

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This is the 3rd flight with Sony’s new “Action Camera”. This one is the HDR-AS10, there’s also the HDR-AS15 with WiFi, thought I didn’t really need it so I opted to save the extra cash and get the “10″. Anyway, I’m really liking the camera so far! It’s working well, video is nice, it handled …

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Sony’s new Action Cam, good for R/C?

If you haven’t already, take the time to check out the details on Sony’s new HDR-AS10 and HDR-AS15 w/wifi. They boast some impressive specs on paper, and sample videos look promising so far! I’ve got one on pre-order already, and will be testing it asap In the mean time, check out Sony’s page for all …

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Skylark’s Dianmu OSD

Here’s a quick look at the Dianmu OSD. We’ll be working with Skylark to get these dialed in over the next few weeks/months, or however long it takes… lol Check out h0tr0d31337′s videos on YouTube as well, he’s already got a bit more time on his in a Skywalker. I’m waiting on one myself that …

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