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FPV Ultralight? Yes!

Some of you may remember my old Slowstick Ultralight from a while back (5 years!?)… Since that plane, I’ve built and flown quite a number of different FPV platforms, but no more ultralights… I always enjoyed that little plane, so when I saw a Slowstick conversion kit for sale online, I had to have it …

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Teksumo FPV

Here’s my latest build, to replace the old Popwing. That one was a nice flying little wing, but I wanted to make a few changes in the build, so here we have version 2, the Teksumo. (It’s a Popwing with a different paint job sold at Hobbyking, otherwise the same kit) Click the image above …

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FT3D is complete!

Just a quick look at my FT3D which I built from the speed build kit, available from Flite Test. It went together pretty easily after watching the build video and taking notes in the last videos that shows the few changes to the “version 2″ kit. So far I’ve flown two batteries through it, and …

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Diamond 2500 and Tricopter details are up!

I added a page in the “hangar” with specs and details on the Diamond 2500 glider and the Tricopter with IR lights. There should be plenty of info in there, so check them out! Click the pictures to go straight the respective pages:

Quadcopter FPV Project

I finally gave in and decided to try my hand at a quadcopter… So far it’s proving challenging but I’m making progress! lol Read more for details and a video!

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