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Skywalker 1900 FPV, Bayous, Lakes, and Rivers

A nice flight with the 1900, first following the bayou east/north east until my video cut out (flying with a tin shed in my way… lol), checked out a lake, then headed southeast to the river, checked out a boat pushing barges up stream, then spotted a “lone tree” in the field I found on …

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Skywalker gets an upgrade…

I mentioned in the last post that I put a Range Video OSD in the new plane, and liked it enough to pick up another for my Skywalker… Here’s the first real flight, after a short test/setup flight done in high winds a few days before… …and the ground recording:

New PB, 6.82 miles.

I set a new personal best for distance with my new Skywalker, 6.82 miles. The plane is easily capable of more, but for now, I’m satisfied with this…

New Plane! 1900mm Skywalker

Here’s a quick look at my new Skywalker. I’ve got it built and flown once. I’ve got a few more changes to make, and get a little more time on it once the weather allows! Stay tuned!