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Diamond 2500

I wanted a glider to try some FPV thermaling, so I built this… It’s a Diamond 2500 motor glider that was purchased from NitroPlanes as a receiver ready kit. I replaced the stock servos with Emax ES08-MA metal gear ones, and replaced the stock ESC with a 45A Turnigy Trust unit. I kept the stock motor and prop hub, but replaced the prop blades with some Graupner carbon blades. I also cut out the stock wood tray up front and removed some weights that came in the nose, then put a new wood floor in the bottom of the foam bay for more room, and to stiffen the foam floor up a bit. All the electronics ride up front there, and the battery sits under the canopy on a small tray above the electronics. Here’s some specs:

  • Diamond 2500 receiver ready airframe
  • Hollow carbon spar to replace the stock aluminum piece, stronger and lighter
  • Stock motor/prop hub, Graupner carbon prop blades (14×8)
  • Turnigy Trust 45A ESC
  • Emax ES08-MA servos
  • Dragonlink UHF Receiver
  • Cyclops Storm OSD/AP
  • Turnigy 5A UBEC
  • SEPIC type voltage regulator for constant 12V to OSD/FPV gear
  • PZ0420 flight camera
  • 800mW 1.28GHz VTX w/stock dipole antenna
  • Pan servo is one of the stock servos with a 180º stretcher
  • 808 #16 camera on the tail for onboard recording
  • 3S 3000mAh lipo powers everything
  • Last but not least, is the Thermal Scout from Winged Shadow, you’ll hear it in the videos below


glider1 glider2 glider3 glider4 glider5 glider6 glider7 glider8

Diamond 2500 FPV, flight #2

Watch this video on YouTube.
Diamond 2500 FPV – Thermals

Watch this video on YouTube.

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  1. Duncan Class

    Hello Keith,
    I’ve retired from health care (paramedic and nurse) in Ontario Canada and I think I’ve found my hobby — RC flight. I have been an aviation enthusiast for decades, and now that the RC world has changed so much, my interest is peaked. Gone are the days of models tied to 50 foot wires going round and round. During my research on YOUTUBE since November, I came across your SkyHunter videos — good job on the videos and the build — hope you are pleased with the results, and congrats on the 7 mile achievement.

    The short list for my first RC plane was — SkyHunter, X-UAV Talon and the SkySurfer Pro. However, since the New Year, I’ve taken a more in-depth interest in motor-gliders. Giving up cargo space and slow speed for low drag, sleek design, high speed, and far less effort may be a good thing. Did you look at any of these? – SkyEagle, Fox, Radian, Calypso, or the Siren Hotline. If so, why did you pick the Diamond 2500?

    I have just bought a Spektrum DX9 controller and a SkySurfer Pro with flaps to put the years of flight theory into practice. I’m undecided on the flight stabilizer — YF20A or the Orange RX or is there a better gyro system? I’m hoping to get 1-2 km (0.5 – 1.2 miles) with just the controller and plenty of altitude.

    There are so many OSD’s for Hud displays . . . I haven’t even started looking at them and have not even considered Long Range Tx/Rcv systems — that will come later this year after I get some flight time in.

    I’ve watched a number of videos on “mods” for the HawkSky/SkySurfer designs. Do you have any suggestions?

    Good info and photos on this site — good work.

    Cheers from the Great White North,

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