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Maxi Swift

This is one of my favorites! The Maxi Swift! :) This is the plane I fly when I just want to fly. It will got fast, slow, far, high, low, whatever you want… lol I tend to test different cameras on here, as well as video transmitters, so it’s configuration does change from time to time, but for the most part the rest of it remains the same:

  • Motor is a 2814-06 Suppo with a 9×6 APC-E prop
  • It’s got a 60A Proton ESC (rebranded Hobbywing)
  • Turnigy 5A UBEC
  • Common Mode LC filter from DPCAV
  • Dragon OSD+ v2 with Baro
  • Hitec HS-82MG servos
  • FPV180 180ยบ pan servo from Hobby Wireless
  • Tiny Mic w/volume control from Hobby Wireless
  • Immersion R/C 2.4GHz 500mW vTX, sometimes a 300mW 1.28GHz vTX from Ready Made R/C
  • FPV-Japan’s C360WDR camera, sometimes a RMRC-540 OSD camera, sometimes a PZ0420
  • Dragon Link receiver with antenna on one wingtip
  • Sometimes carries the GoPro HD Hero with Layerlens
  • Uses a single 3S 5000mAh LiPo

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