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Retired planes

These are planes that are no longer in service, details are kept here as an archive of sorts, for reference…


FPV Slow Stick (currently grounded)

Here’s a quick look at the newest plane in my FPV fleet. It’s a basic GWS Slow Stick with a few mods besides the FPV gear. Those consist of slightly heavier landing gear wire than stock, Dubro wheels, and ailerons. It also has a lite ply battery tray from Radical R/C. Equipment used: Tower Pro …

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Peace Drone v2 (retired)

Here’s the Peace Drone, or as I affectionately call it, the Death Drone. haha It’s one of Ed’s designs build using Dollar Tree foamboard, hot glue, and packing tape. Check out Experimental Airlines on YouTube for details on his building techniques as well as details on this particular design. It’s a canard pusher that uses …

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SM450 V2 Quadcopter (retired)

This is my FPV quadcopter. It’s a DJI clone from RCTimer, their SM450 V2 kit. I’ve got a Copter Control board on it, and with a little help from Kevin V., I was able to get it flying fairly smooth. Loads of fun! RCTimer SM450 V2 kit RCTimer 2830-1000KV motors with 10×4.5 Gemfan props RCTimer …

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Easy Star (retired)

This is my trusty of battle scarred Easy Star. It’s been around for some time now, and refuses to give up! It’s not pretty but it gets the job done, and it’s fun to fly which is what really counts! I did run landing gear on this one for a short time, but found that …

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  1. Tom Parker

    I just watched a built of a 3 d plane that I really like where can I view this kit and get pricing?

    1. Keith

      I believe you’re looking for the “other” flight test… lol flitetest.com, there’s a link on the left sidebar with their logo also. If you’re talking about their “FT3D”, I liked it also! I’ve got a kit here waiting to be put together soon! Looks like a fun little plane. :)

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