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Easy Star (retired)

This is my trusty of battle scarred Easy Star. ;) It’s been around for some time now, and refuses to give up! It’s not pretty but it gets the job done, and it’s fun to fly which is what really counts! I did run landing gear on this one for a short time, but found that it wasn’t really worth the hassle, so I took it off!

  • All servos are HXT900 9g
  • ESC is an older “Mag8″ 30A from Hobby King
  • Motor is a 2217-06 Suppo with an 8×4 prop on a raised motor mount
  • Camera is a PZ0420 with a 2.8mm lens
  • Fiberglass pan/tilt from Hobby King (large size on this one)
  • vTX is a 500mW Lawmate with the power board from NGHobbies
  • Mic is a Tiny Mic from HobbyWireless with volume control
  • It has the Skylark TinyOSD 2 with a 45A AttoPilot current sensor
  • Receiver is a Dragon Link one with the antenna in the tail


  1. John Lee

    Hello, Keith. I am getting into the RC hobby and the FPV part of the hobby is really exciting to me. I wanted to ask you because I haven’t seen this shown in your videos….do you use some sort of goggle system for the video feed, or are you using a monitor of some sort? Also, do you have a separate transmitter for the extra channels of control for the cameras, or do you have some monster transmitter like the DX18 for all the required channels? Sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to piece together in my mind how everything works.

    Thanks Keith for the videos and info….


    1. Keith

      Hey John! Personally I prefer to use an LCD screen (small portable TV), because I wear eye glasses which makes it hard to wear goggles. I do have some Trimersions that fit, but I started with the screen and just prefer that way now. I use a Haier 10″ portable TV, it works pretty good. For a radio I’m using either a Futaba 9CAP or 10CAP. They both work fine, the 9CAP is popular in the FPV crowd. On the Easy Star I’m using 6 channels in all. (Rudder, elevator, ailerons, throttle, pan, tilt) For pan I have the rudder and pan servo channels mixed in the radio, with a toggle switch to change what channel the stick controls. (Flip the switch one way and the rudder stick works the rudder as normal, flip it the other way and it pans the camera) Tilt is on a slider/padle on side of the transmitter. If you use goggles there’s a number of head trackers that can control your pan/tilt, some work well, some not so much. I’ve never used one though, so wouldn’t really want to recommend one over another.

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