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SM450 V2 Quadcopter (retired)

This is my FPV quadcopter. It’s a DJI clone from RCTimer, their SM450 V2 kit. I’ve got a Copter Control board on it, and with a little help from Kevin V., I was able to get it flying fairly smooth. Loads of fun!

  • RCTimer SM450 V2 kit
  • RCTimer 2830-1000KV motors with 10×4.5 Gemfan props
  • RCTimer 30A ESCs (Rebranded Hobbywings)
  • Open Pilot Copter Control board
  • Dragonlink UHF receiver with Sander Style antenna
  • Immersion R/C 500mW 2.4GHz vTX
  • GoPro HeroHD (streaming live A/V out from this)
  • Runs on a 5000mAh 3S LiPo
Quadcopter FPV 7-28-12

Watch this video on YouTube.


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  1. Will

    I was going to buy this kit from RC Timer, does the kit come with the motor hardware or did you have to buy that seperate, seems like a great deal.

    1. Keith

      Sorry for the late reply! It did come with all the hardware, except the bullet connectors for the ESCs. I had a few on hand that I used, or you could just solder then direct, whatever you like! The prop adapter were a little soft and not straight, one of them broke while tightening down the prop nut. I replaced them with some more that I got for about $2 each and they’re fine. I would recommend it, it’s a good kit. I just bought another FPV frame that uses DJI arms, and these clone ones fit it just fine.

  2. Alex

    I have the same kit, but red&white.
    I’m looking for something to raise the feets, since I would like to install the battery on the bottom.
    What did you use for those feet? Are self-made or bought?

    1. Keith

      Those were just some carbon rod I cut to length and zip-tied to the arms. They worked but I broke the plastic ties a few times on rough landings. If you want something nicer, check out these links:



  3. Maarten

    Hi Keith!

    How did you manage to get a reasonable image from the FPV camera? I mounted my boardcam on the lowerframe (at the part that extends a little) and get an unscharp image due too vibrations on the lowerplate. Balanced everything spot on (on a dubro balancer) but it’s just the frame and arms that are to flexible.

    See http://s6.postimg.org/4m2h4t6xd/quad1.gif

    Thanks already!

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