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One of my favorites! I love this plane. :) I built it based on what a few others were doing by the time I jumped onboard. I took the time to do a nice clean install with this one, I like how it worked out! Specs:

  • Stock Skyhunter airframe and optional plastic belly pan
  • Sunny Sky 2820 800Kv motor mounted on rubber standoffs, 12×6 APC-E prop
  • Hobbywing 80A Platinum ESC (overkill but I had it sitting around)
  • Emax ES-08MA servos
  • Turnigy 5A UBEC for 5V
  • SEPIC type voltage regulator for the 12V gear
  • 4S 5000mAh lipo (flies on one or two, with 3 possible)
  • Dragonlink UHF receiver
  • 1258/1280 1500mW vTX with home made center-fed dipole antenna in the wing
  • PZ0420 flight camera
  • GoPro pan/tilt using GWS 360ยบ pan servo (actually shared the pod from the Skywalker)
  • RVOSD 5.1 OSD/AP

done skyhunter1 skyhunter11 skyhunter12

Skyhunter FPV 5-23-2013

Watch this video on YouTube.
Skyhuntin' ;)

Watch this video on YouTube.
Ground footage from the Skyhunter

Watch this video on YouTube.
Rounding up my PB for distance, from 6.8 miles to 7.0 :)

Watch this video on YouTube.


  1. Ben

    Hi… I saw your skyhunter on a website. How does the camera operate without a head track unit ? Can it be controlled of the radio tx ? Also can you point me to some info like a website, on how to set up an FPV, as I am a newbie …… cheers Ben :)

    1. Keith

      Yep, I use either the rudder stick or a slider on my transmitter for pan, and the other slider for tilt. The Skyhunter has no rudders, so I use the rudder stick to pan on this one. As for getting started, I’d start with the FAQ section at FPVLAB forums, there’s tons of info there. Once you start to read and understand what’s involved and how it works together, it’s pretty easy stuff! http://fpvlab.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?60-FAQs

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