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Skywalker 1900

This is my 1900mm Skywalker. At the time I’m writing this, I’ve only got two flights with it, but I’m liking it a lot already! lol It’s a pretty typical Skywalker build, with good proven equipment that many others have used well in the past.

  • Skywalker 1900mm kit from BEVRC
  • “Special” Skywalker motor and ESC from BEVRC
  • 9×6 APC-E prop
  • 4S 5000mAh hardcase LiPo, I’ve flown with one, but two will fit for extended flights.
  • Servos are all 12g Emax ES08MA from BEVRC
  • Dragonlink receiver with stock antenna mounted on the vertical stab
  • PZ0420 Flight cam
  • GoPro Hero HD mounted on a pan/tilt from RMRC (pan servo is full size on a 180º stretcher, have planes for a 360º GWS servo later)
  • vTX is a 800mW 1258/1280 from RMRC
  • OSD is the Skylark Dianmu with stabilization and RTH


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    I hate you. That is all.

    1. Keith

      I’ll take that as a compliment? :p

  2. kevin

    Love it. Are you using the Skywalker Pod from RMRC also?

    1. Keith

      Yeah, I used the base pod with no pan/tilt option, and mounted a standard size servo to that. Then I mounted their GoPro tilt onto the servo wheel. The idea is to replace this servo with a 360º GWS servo if I can ever get one… They’re out of stock everywhere right now.

  3. Will

    How well has the “Special” Skywalker motor and ESC been handling it all? I’m looking to get into FPV with the 1680 version, and trying to figure out what a good reliable motor and ESC combo would be…

    1. Keith

      I’m very much happy with this setup, it seems to be well matched and super efficient on the 1900, I would imagine it will do just as good on the 1680 as well. I run a 9×6 APC-E prop and it all runs real smooth and balanced using the supplied prop adapter. I’m not using the internal BEC on the included ESC, I never liked using them and always use a separate one. Using it will generate more heat in the ESC, and if the ESC dies mid-flight it could easily take out the BEC with it. ;)

  4. Will

    Glad to hear its going well!!! And I’ll get a BEC to go with it as well, you have a good point. And with the servos you used, I don’t know if the same applys to the 1900, but the 1680 calls for 9g servos, and I see that you have used all 12g’s. Did you have any issues mounting them? Like having to enlarge to mounting holes in the tail, or cut a little deeper in the wing to get them to sit flush?

    1. Keith

      No issues at all with these servos, they were the ones recommended at BEVRC. Buying the kit/motor/esc/servos together gets the amount high enough to get free shipping. It will end up costing close to the same thing with or without the servos if you’re ordering there. They seems to work great, I’d recommend getting them if you’re ordering it all from there.

      1. Will

        If you get free shipping by ordering it all at once, why not! Thank you so much, you’ve been a huge help!!! I’ve subscribed to your youtube channel, you’ve got a lot of amazing videos, and I’ve caught a glimpse a couple of times of your ground station, and was wondering if you had a video or write up about it somewhere? Looks very neat and professional!

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