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Slowstick Ultralight

Here’s a fun little plane… The “Slowstick Ultralight”, built from a normal GWS Slowstick kit, with an ultralight conversion from MIA Micro-Flight. It’s a pretty simple and basic setup, with no OSD or anything like that. It’s a great little plane for flying around slow while the wind is calm, early mornings or late evenings are perfect! Here’s a few details on the electronics:

  • Dragonlink receiver with a short antenna
  • HXT900 servos (rudder/elevator)
  • HXT500 servos (ailerons, tilt)
  • RMRC260 pan servo
  • HK Simple Series 25/30 ESC
  • Dynam/Detrum 2815 1100kv motor, 8×4 prop
  • 3S 2200mAh Lipo powers everything (lc filter for FPV gear)
  • PZ0420 “clone” with 2.8mm lens
  • RMRC 200mW 1280/1258 vtx, small whip antenna from Racewood
  • Cheapo 12V mic

Here’s a few pictures and videos…

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Slowstick Ultralight – Overview

Watch this video on YouTube.
Slowstick Ultralight – Narrated FPV

Watch this video on YouTube.
Slowstick Ultralight FPV

Watch this video on YouTube.

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