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Tricopter FPV

This is an old frame I built back when tricopters flew with mixing and gyros, and had no flight controllers… ;) It’s a “signguy” style build if anyone remembers that. I updated it with new landing gear and motor mounts from Flitetest (rotorbones) but kept my own yaw mechanism since it was already built into the frame. This time around it’s got a KK2.0 board from Hobbyking which flies it pretty good! Real easy to set up and tune, can’t beat it for the price by a long shot. I wanted to do something a bit different, so I stuck an IR illuminator on the front, which is made for security cameras. It works better than expected, I can fly this around the yard all night long in complete darkness, and the lights are invisible to the naked eye! Low budget “night vision” at it’s finest… lol Here’s a few details:


Tricopter Nightvision FPV

Watch this video on YouTube.
Night Tricopter #3

Watch this video on YouTube.


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