Teksumo FPV

Here’s my latest build, to replace the old Popwing. That one was a nice flying little wing, but I wanted to make a few changes in the build, so here we have version 2, the Teksumo. ;) (It’s a Popwing with a different paint job sold at Hobbyking, otherwise the same kit)1

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FT3D is complete!

Just a quick look at my FT3D which I built from the speed build kit, available from Flite Test. It went together pretty easily after watching the build video and taking notes in the last videos that shows the few changes to the “version 2″ kit. So far I’ve flown two batteries through it, and I like it! The plane is way more capable than my skills allow, so it’s something I can learn with. Being so cheap, and apparently durable, I’m not worried about banging it up either… ;) I’ll get some video up soon! Video is up, end of this post!

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  • FT3D Speed build kit
  • Emax 2215/09 “Grand Turbo” motor
  • 10×4.5 prop
  • HXT900 9g servos (all 4)
  • 30A Hobbywing ESC
  • 3S 1300mAh 25C Gens Ace lipo
  • FrSky 8ch 2.4GHz receiver
Flitetest's FT3D

Watch this video on YouTube.


Diamond 2500 and Tricopter details are up!

I added a page in the “hangar” with specs and details on the Diamond 2500 glider and the Tricopter with IR lights. There should be plenty of info in there, so check them out! ;)

Click the pictures to go straight the respective pages:



New motors on the Cargo Twin

I stole the motors off the cargo plane for another project, so I put on some others I had sitting around, and took it out for a quick flight to try them out. They work great! Smooth and lots of power, unlimited vertical! These are a pair of Firepower 3530-14 motors with 8×3.8 APC Slowfly props. I’ve run 8×6 APC-E props on the same motor on another plane for even more power, but these already have more than I need, so I propped down and they come down cool after a flight. I like it!

Dollar Tree Cargo Plane, new motors…

Watch this video on YouTube.

New personal record for distance…

I flew the Skyhunter out to 7 miles to round up my previous record for distance, from 6.8 miles. It always bugged me that I didn’t just make it an even 7 that day… lol Also a great way to break in the Dragonlink V2, also using linear antennas and 1280MHz video for the naysayers… :p

(friendly jab… to be fair, my first V2 was noisy on 1280 and was replaced with this clean one)

Rounding up my PB for distance, from 6.8 miles to 7.0 :)

Watch this video on YouTube.

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